Shots Fired: The Perfect Camera Memory Card

Shoot ’em all, Let Lightroom Sort ’em Out

8gb is probably all you need, for snarky and realistic reasons. Let's get write cycles and long term storage out of the way. Solid state data storage used at high volume is a ticking time bomb. Having more empty space is not going to save you. Take what you need, not as much as you can afford because when is the last time you used 256gb to capacity and every shot was a winner? At best, you get a few frames per look, but 90% is discarded.

Karl Lagerfeld had a great quote that boils down to when the resources are unlimited that you don’t respect them. I think we all argue for and against that, we are all pragmatic. But some of you out there chase a spec sheet, you tout the brand and who shoots with it as if any of this BS makes you a better shooter but you bracket your ass off and in raw. (insert condescending eye roll)

35mm and 85mm lenses; that’s what I tend to carry in my bag for my Pentax K1. Primes are fast, and let in more light, sure, but learn to move you. Like a Wedding photographer, they know their shit, because a failed shoot for them is a murderous bride coming to kill them.

Learn to get into a position to take the shot, instinctively know what the only lens you may have framed up. Set your ISO manually, go full manual, live by “sunny 16”, pick one lens, cover the screen, go outside and see how much is you and how much is the electronics.

Respect photography craft and you will begin to take shape, or come in to focus. (insert second eye roll)

I’ll leave you with this allegory to racing. Every weekend guys with $200k Porsche track cars get their butts handed to them by guys in $5k Miatas at the track. You can’t buy talent with an infinite credit limit. The right tool in the right hands… blah, blah, blah…

Now get out there and shoot or crash and burn, but do something.

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I grew up shooting in NY and LA. I have worked in many capacities at fashion houses like BCBG, and for Victoria's Secret's (Pink) VP of Marketing. Original owner and founder.

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