Photographers versus Social Media


Photographers versus Social Media

The professional photography industry will likely evolve a bit more in 2023, not to the benefit of actual photographers though. We have to make sure we don’t look so desperate.

The proliferation of digital media has brought about a shift in the way photography is created and shared. Influencers and other so-called social media personalities could become the go-to sources for fashion-focused content, which could lead to more collaborations with photographers. Additionally, the use of photo-editing apps and filters could lead to a more photorealistic take on photography.

Social interaction will remain an integral part of the photography industry. Brands, creatives, and influencers will likely leverage social platforms to communicate with people and showcase their work. They could promote their collections, show off work from previous photoshoots, highlight collaborations with other artists in the industry, and help build relationships with customers. Ultimately, photographers should strive to create content that resonates with their audience and creates meaningful connections — regardless of whether it’s for a brand, for a creative project, or for personal expression


Influencers are not Models

However, influencers can still partner with photographers to co-create content with a fashion-focused aesthetic. Influencers may provide creative direction and ideas, while photographers are still responsible for crafting the composition, lighting, and styling. It’s a collaboration that serves both parties’ goals: photographers get to engage with new audiences and influencers gain greater control over their visual storytelling.


Likes are not the same as Self-Worth

It's important to remember that the number of likes or views your photo or video receives is not reflective of your worth or the value of the content you are creating. People naturally have different tastes and interests, so what one person likes, may not be appreciated by others. Cultivate a sense of self-worth and inner happiness that is not dependent on the validation of online followers or “likes”. Even when the team or bots are doing the interaction, it is really the content response that can be the most damaging.


The Caveat

Right now lonely guys spend a lot of money talking to a team or bot thinking they are really talking to the girl on the other end. This is commonly called “parasocial interaction” where finally you talk directly to an influencer, celebrity or camgirl. It is a harmful and desperate interaction, it is not healthy for anyone.

For girls these days, the amount of like or lack thereof can have a severe impact on self-esteem and self-worth. Having dated a model/influencer, and seeing her post not get enough likes or interaction when she thought she was “being cute” had a massive impact on spiraling depression. Most girls I know are far more interested in seeing the number of hearts, not what they say, they just seek attention.


The battle against OnlyFans

Talented photographers are now facing a new threat to their industry: Onlyfans. This platform enables amateurs and influencers to charge for access to their content, including sexualized photography, which could lead to a decreased demand for professionally-crafted photography.

Photographers can fight this by continuing to produce quality content that differentiates itself from simply clicking a button and downloading content from OnlyFans. Photographers can also look to other photography forms, such as documentary photography and celebrity photography, to carve out new opportunities in the industry.

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I grew up shooting in NY and LA. I have worked in many capacities at fashion houses like BCBG, and for Victoria's Secret's (Pink) VP of Marketing. Original owner and founder.

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