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I went to Samys camera on La Brea recently to help support our latest photographer, Josh, on a jewelry shoot. He is a Canon shooter, I tend to use the Fuji or Hasselblad. The idea of wireless shooting to verify exposures without more cables and using just a tablet sounded like a great idea. I have to be selfish and say I bought this for my use, but hey, share and share alike.

Tethertools Air Direct is an amazing promise of a tool, buit sadly it is not as easy as you'd hope to use. Josh was going to use a Canon SL2 and we plugged in the Air Direct and it was not acknowledging the camera. So we tried the Fuji Xpro3 and GFX 100s. Neither worked.

Lots of plugging and unplugging, restarts, reboots and skullduggery later, none of the cameras we brought worked.

Wireless via Bluetooth and even the wifi in the cameras has some of the slowest data transfer rates you could imagine. Cable to tablet is not an option. I tried. https://youtu.be/xXPN4DqHDbk

Fuji wireless tethering caused a few glitches, one would freeze the camera after taking the shot, the transfer dot blinked without end for over 10 minutes and when I did the un/plug dance it only ever showed the first image. If I set it to another mode, it only acted like a wireless hard drive. Great maybe for after a shoot, but not during.

It's past the return date, I think I'll hold on to it for a bit because another of our shooters, John, uses Nikon and he should be compatible,

So cables galore it is for now, and you can bet your ass I am buying more of the orange Tethertools ones.

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