TestShoot call for models

It’s been a long time since I shot models. It’s been sporadic with loads of other things that actually make money getting in the way. It’s been a long time since people actually cared about photographing models and moving back to fashion, style and class that we lack with social media.

It’s about time TestShoot got back online and we are planning on it with a new team of people, classes, mentoring, contests, workshops and more.

A test shoot is not two people with a pulse getting together to take some photos, there is a lot more to it and we are going to clarify it. For too long guys with cameras and girls with a pulse go together as a hobby, using the name to try and fake credibility, but we are aiming for business. For real. 

Real models. Real agencies. Real clients. Real jobs. Real value.

Stay tuned.

PS, in the mean time we made a few playlists of photography videos with lots of curated playlists. Model videos will be on TestShoot.TV

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